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1080P Waterproof Security Rechargeable Camera


Color: NO TF Card

  • NO TF Card
  • With 32GB memory
  • 🔥With 64GB memory
  • 🔥🔥With 128GB memory


【No wiring, no plug-in, free placement】 battery-powered, no additional wires are needed for power supply, it can be used anywhere according to needs. Watching the house, nursing home, watching children, watching pets, driving, and outdoor use without hindrance.

【Low power consumption】 The included two rechargeable 18650 batteries can last longer. The battery can be charged with a USB charging cable.

【PIR Infrared Detection】 Turn on motion detection, the camera will alarm and record illegally entering the environment, intimidate the intruder and keep the video. Human body infrared detection, it can push notifications to the mobile phone when it detects human body movement.

【Intelligent high-definition infrared night 】 It is equipped with a high-sensitivity sensor and 6 high-power LED night vision lights. The high-definition does not change color and automatically compensates for insufficient light. The picture is more realistic and delicate, and the night can be monitored.

【One-way video call, two-way voice intercom】 Built-in speaker and high-definition noise-reduction microphone, both parties can talk remotely without interruption. At the same time, it supports mobile APP for remote one-way video calls, which can be heard and seen.

【Wi-Fi connection】2.4G Wi-Fi network connects the camera to the Internet to realize the control of the mobile phone.

【Mobile phone remote monitoring】 Anytime, anywhere, open the phone, you can see the monitoring screen.

【Built-in AP hotspot】 The camera has its own AP hotspot. In the absence of Wi-Fi, you can also connect your mobile phone to the camera’s hotspot for monitoring (the mobile phone needs to be within 15 meters of the camera)

【130°wide-angle monitoring】The monitoring angle is 130°

【TF card storage】Support Micro CD card to store video and photographic pictures, and save video.

【Cloud storage】 Support cloud storage (free for the first 30 days 0

【IP66 waterproof】 Waterproof, not afraid of rain and snow, can be placed outdoors, doorways, courtyards.



Mobile APP:Onecam

Product Name:1080P Low-power Intelligent WIFI Camera

WIFI:2.4GHz ,IEEE802.11b/g/n

PIR Distance:10 meters

SD Card Storage :Support Max 128G

LED:8pcs 850nm IR LED,10 meters IR Distance

Indicator Light:Blue,Red

Distribution network:Acoustic distribution network

Video:TF card (10 seconds each time, can be set), support mobile phone local recording, device recording,Cloud recording(30days for free)

Push Massage:Push in 1s(Push only once in 5 minutes)

Motion Detection:PIR motion detection, high sensitivity / medium / low level adjustable

Wake-up Method:Mobile phone remote wakeup, PIR wake up

USB Charge:10 hours full charge


Package Included:

1*Camera(2 batteries included), 1*Manual, 1*Mounting bracket, 1*Mounting screw package, 1*USB data cable


The camera is a low-power battery camera and cannot be continuously monitored. There are two working methods: 1. APP wakes up actively, you can click to open the APP to view the monitoring screen. 2. The camera automatically wakes up when the human body moves and records it automatically.


The battery power duration of the camera is determined by the number of wakeups. If the camera is frequently woken up, the power consumption will be faster. It can be used for about 150 days when the number of wake-ups is