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Foot-Operated Weeding Aid


  • Digging is hard on the spine because of the constant bending over. Weeding or digging is very strenuous and a waste of energy.
  • Just what you need is this Foot-operated Weeding Aid! It helps you to work upright, reducing bending and spinal strain, making digging and turning more effortless and easy and increasing efficiency.

Main Features

  •  Making Gardening Easier & Labor-saving
    Speeds up digging, increases productivity and is ergonomically proven to relieve arthritis or back pain and strain. Reduces bending or spinal stress: work upright and safely.
  • Say Goodbye To Bending Over For Work
    Combining a clip, treadle and lever action function, when attached to a standard garden fork or spade, the user can dig and turn out soil while remaining upright, avoiding excessive bending and back strain.
  • Body Free!
    Digging can be strenuous and have a negative impact on your body, helping you to complete your gardening work quickly and safely.
  • High Quality Material
    Made of high quality material, sturdy and durable, strong load-bearing, portable and good for weeding and digging work.
  • Garden Essential Aid
    This is an indispensable aid for organising your garden, lawn and taking the kids out to plant trees, for digging, weeding, aerating, ground maintenance and planting.